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About Pran

Preservation and Proliferation of Rural Resources and Nature (PRAN) is an offshoot of PRADAN. It was formed on 30th November 2012 with a view to enhance agriculture of marginal families. PRAN is registered as a public charitable trust (not-for-profit) under the Indian Trust Act, 1882 in the holy city of Gaya (Bihar) vide Registration No 23544/12.
Preservation and Proliferation of Rural Resources and Nature (PRAN) is formed to enhance people’s capabilities for self-development by working towards improved Livelihood systems of rural community of India. PRAN works with women of vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society. Understanding aspiration, skill, knowledge base and market opportunities of these marginalized communities and accordingly promoting suitable sustainable livelihoods has been the strategy followed by PRAN.

The major focus of PRAN is to form Sri Vidhi women groups to sustain the activities of agro ecological and sustainable method of crop cultivation. PRAN also works with existing women collectives in villages formed by various organizations, Gram Panchayats and other social bodies. Facilitating women collectives to identify and nurture local cadres through phased training of village women and men farmers make our interventions reach out to large number of small and marginal farmers.
PRADAN and Sir Dorabjee Tata Trust, has been supporting it since its inception.
PRAN has successfully demonstrated the agro ecological and sustainable agriculture brings food security to marginal communities.

PRAN currently works in over 547 villages in 157 Panchayat of 2 districts namely Gaya and Nalanda of Bihar directly reaching out to about 26,000 families. It envisages expanding its works to other parts of Bihar and planning to reach out to more than 60,000 rural poor families in the next 5 years. There are 24 barefoot-professional staffs in the organization along with 2 professional staff.

There are 2 Project Area offices and the PRAN Head Office in Gaya, Bihar.