Natural Farming

  • SRI Vidhi Khad(Manures and fertilizers);: SRI Pranamrit, Vermin Compost
  • SRI Vidhi Fungicides–(SRI Mathastra, SRI Sonthastra) ; Insecticides- (SRI Neemastra, SRI Agneyastra, SRI Brahmastra)
  • While growing vegetables more than 2500 farmers have started using locally prepared fertilizers’ and pesticides.
  • Three of the ITK products like Sripranamrit as NPK fertilizer’s and Srimathastra and Srineemastra as pesticides are becoming famous among fertilizers’.

SRI-Fertilisers and Pesticides (local fertilisers and pesticides)
Sripranamrit is a locally prepared fertilizer using poultry bits, oil cake and ash. The different proportion of mixing these with water and keeping the mixture for four to five days gives very good NPK fertlizer . Farmers have started using this in their crops. The result of this SRI Vidhi fertilizer Sripranamrit is becoming popular among farmers.

Srimathhastra, srimahuastra and Sri sonthastra are used as fungicides, Srineemastra, Sriagneyastra and Sribrahmasra are used as insecticides and sripranamrit, sribakramrit , Srijeevamrit and Srighanjeevamrit are used as fertilizers.



700 farmers growing vegetable and rapeseed crop are extensively using SRI fertilizers and pesticides. They are using Sripranamrit, Srighanjeevamrit, Srijeevamrit, Srimathhastra and Srineeemastra. Srimahustra is another formulation developed by PRAN which is very effective against fungal diseases. Of these farmers, 179 farmers are practicing crop with only organic sources prepared locally. Villagers have coined a slogan, “Gaon ka Paisa Gaon Mein! Shahar Ka paisa bhi gaon mein!”(The money of villagers should remain in village and should not go to town for purchasing of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and people living in urban area should consume fresh and organic produce by purchasing vegetables and other produce from villages).
Among vegetables, we were mainly focusing on cultivation of cauliflower, tomato, chili, brinjal and elephant foot yam. However, this year we have supported farmers in the garma season (summer vegetables) like okra, bottle gourd and creepers.

We have made special efforts to promote natural farming in vegetables where people can easily see the effectiveness of such practices. Drawing assistance from ATMA, Gaya we demonstrated 750 Low cost vermin-compost pit in Gaya district. Including the previous vermipits, the project has more than 2500 low cost vermits in operation. Though most of the farmers are using these fertilisers in their crops , a few families are also selling them to a big trader with our help. We helped a big farmer to get a project from government of Bihar to run a big vermin-compost unit. This big farmer easily takes additional vermicomposting from our target families at reasonable rates. The big farmer supplies to government for promotion of SRI at Rs 6 per kg while he takes from small and marginal farmers @Rs 5 per kg.The big farmer also does SRI in 15 acres.