Mission & Core Values

Mission & Core Values

“Enhancing agriculture of women and marginal families preservation and proliferation of rural resources and nature”

Core Values & Our Belief:
Meaning of Sri Vidhi:
Sri Vidhi is a sustainable and agro ecological way of leading life and livelihoods of human beings.
सृष्टि / प्रकृति के विधि अनुरूप संसाधनों का स्थायी एवं टिकाऊ विकास करना ही श्री विधि विकास कहलाता है |
PRAN believes that SRI way of life particularly crop cultivation has potential to bring positive changes in community and the environment. SRI way of life and livelihood for PRAN means good conduct and behavior among PRAN workers, Village Resource persons, farmers, their families and society as a whole where small and marginal families in particular lead a dignified life. Not only the small and marginal farmers but also share croppers and landless families who are at the bottom of society get equitable share in our intervention. Women and poorest community get their due from our interventions. Strengthening life and Strengthening farming systems integrated with Climate change adaptation in general and small and marginal households in particular is main area of our intervention.

Principles of Development:

Focus Area

  • Field level interventions in community based agro ecological natural resources management and securing the quality nutritional reqirements, including community mobilization, implementation of land and water resources development, participatory irrigation management, agriculture productivity enhancement for small and marginal families and capacity building and institutional development, etc.
  • Development support (Technical support) to the NGOs, Government departments / projects and donor organizations in the areas of NRM including sustainable agriculture, Natural Farming and institutional development.
  • Action Research, Training, consultancy and policy advocacy through documentation and dissemination.