HRD Processes

HRD Processes

PRAN has an elaborate process of Recruitment and Selection. The procedure includes various psycho and socio-metric tests in order to ascertain the individual’s ability to work in a team and with the community. PRAN believes in its core value and also believes that Knowing-Being-Doing is the core step towards any development. Being is the core thing related to each and every individual.
A critical component of staff development is an effective appraisal system. Through the performance appraisal process, PRANites’ strengths and areas for improvement are identified. It is during this process that any training requirements should be identified. The purpose of the Performance Appraisal Process is to manage and assess the performance of each PRANite. It assists both the staff members and SRIJAN to achieve clearly defined goals.

Capacity Building
Reviews of each staff member organized quarterly in a year which helps each and every one for clarifying their vision and help everyone chalk out plan for their knowledge, skills and competencies enhancement in consultation with the core group of the organization.


Annual Retreats are organized for PRAN professionals to encourage introspection and to share their feelings with colleagues. They speak about their personal and professional growth. Besides, retreats are also crucial to foster bonding among PRANites across locations.